Butra HeidelbergCement held a Blood Donation Drive  

BHC Contractor, intern and employee donating blood for “Building Lives”


RIPAS Blood Bank Officers and Representatives along with “Building Lives” Committee Members from BHC


As part of Butra HeidelbergCement (BHC) Sdn Bhd CSR program, “Building Lives”, a Blood Donation Drive was held in BHC headquarters in Serasa. The drive aims to increase the awareness on the importance of becoming a blood donor, as an adequate and timely supply of blood is essential. Donating blood is also a healthy way for donors to encourage their bodies to regenerate new blood on a regular basis.

Together with BHC staff, members from the neighboring companies, government organisations and the local community in Serasa also participated in donating blood. Umillah Razak, the Marketing Officer of BHC said, “Blood donation is a priceless gift, and we thank all the donors for their generosity. We believe that by coming together as a community for this important cause, we are making a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small.”

Managed by the dedicated team of the RIPAS Blood Bank under the Ministry of Health, a total of … pints of blood was collected during the drive. Blood donors were also given blood pressure check and health consultations by the Health officers present during the event.

BHC also provided food to all the donors, wherein they were encouraged to bring their own containers in an effort to reduce waste.