BHC celebrates Butra Home Concept Magazine 4th Anniversary  

Amir Noor, editor of BHC, delivering his welcome remarks

BHC management team at the event

Cake Cutting with BHC and MMW

Invited guests and sponsors at the event

MMW and BHC editorial team



It was all smiles and cheers for our guests last month as we celebrated the fourth anniversary of our beloved BHC Magazine! Hosting us were the ever-generous folks over at Starbucks with their Beribi Branch as our venue where we invited more than 50 of our clients, partners and friends to join us for the festivities.

Four years may be an odd number of years for a celebration but what we wanted to commemorate more than our age was our ties with our partners – friends we’ve made throughout the course of our journey and those who have continued to support our goal.

To start things off, our editor Amir Noor delivered the welcoming remarks in sharing his gratitude and appreciation to our clientele as their presence meant that BHC Magazine was on the right track in delivering their promises to them as well as their audiences. To add, he mentioned the coming current trend of new magazines and how their rise in numbers has led to the pending challenge of keeping relevant to our Bruneian readership.

“We may seem like a niche with our approach to only home living and lifestyle trends in Brunei but the way I see it is that BHC Magazine adds a greater value to the diversity of publications we have now. Challenges they may be but it is without a doubt the most interesting time to be with a magazine such as this,” he said.

With the pleasantries aside, Amir then invited Butra HeidelbergCement Managing Director Marcelino Ugarte, Project Director Stuart Lee, and Mixmediaworx (MMW) Creative Director NJ Matussin to cut the anniversary cake – an annual tradition which is a sign of our strong ties and commitment to a promising future together.

The celebration was kept at a corporate casual setting where our guests were invited to mingle freely with other guests while enjoying some of the special vendors we’ve invited for the day. Among the vendors were Do It Good Records and Little Red Designs who were both local SMEs who contributed their sound and art form to complement a home setting respectively. It was hoped that their work would gain more notice from our showcase for the day and that our guests would benefit from their particular specialties when it came to decorating their homes as well. At the end of the day, it was our way of supporting such SMEs by introducing them to a whole new field of interest.